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Feet are hardest working parts of the body, but we rarely make time to give them the attention they need. A weekly pampering pedicure and massage is the answer and will leave feet feeling refreshed and ready for action.
Easy steps to softer feet
Nail Clippers, Emery Board, Toe Separators,
Pumic Stone, Foot Lotion,  Cuticle Cream,
Hoof Stick, Clear Polish, Polish Remover,
  1. Soak feet in a bowl of water for about ten minutes. Add two to three drops of essential oil of lavender for an even more relaxing effect.

  2. Dry the feet. Clip the toe-nails across and file smooth.

  3. Rub feet with an exfoliating body scrub, paying particular attention to any rough skin that may have formed on the heels and the balls of the feet. Wash off all traces of exfoliate and dry the feet thoroughly.

  4. Support the foot with one hand by placing your thumb on the sole and your fingers on the top. Use the other hand to massage a cooling foot lotion or an overall body moisturizer into the foot. Start at the base of each toe and work down the foot making small circular movements with your thumb and forefinger.

  5. Work the lotion between the toes and massage each toe by gently rolling it between your fingers. This helps to stimulate the circulation and pressure points. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other foot.
    Lie down for about five minutes with your feet above the head, either resting a pillow or against a wall. This relieves tension in the feet and legs and can help aching veins.

    Cut off any excess toenail with 
    a air of nail clippers, working straight across the nail. Avoid using nail scissors as these can split the nail and cause 
    ingrowing toenails.
    Use an emery board to file 
    your toenails straight across,
    rounding them slightly at the corners. To avoid ingrowing
    toenails, don't file into the 
    corners of the nails. Hold the board slightly angled down towards the free edge of the 
    nail andsmooth from each 
    side of the nail towards the centre
    Massage a little 
    cuticle cream 
    into the base of 
    your nails.
     Push back your cuticle 
    with a hoof stick or a cottonbud(swab). 
    Use circular 
    for greatest effect. 
    off any excess cream, 
    and finish with a 
    coat of clear 
    nail polish.

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